Barn Burner

by Warsenal

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Dying on the battlefield With your brothers by your side Dying for what you believed in Burning silently in pride For your ideas you’ve been burned at the stake Killed by past gaggers for being awake Prisoned and tortured for thinking on your own Got your tongue chop off and broken bones No pain shall ever stop a free thinker Nothing can stop the spreading of fire When something comes to an end something else starts There’s no better death than being killed by your art Dying on stage
Let Me Out 04:36
Trapped in this empty room Surrounded by walls There are no corner There is no light at all Got to find the door Got to find the key Got to find my way out Out to be free But if I ever get out The world will never be the same And I’ll be the only one The only one to blame I’m not someone you should trust Nor someone you should know But if you wanna feel alive I’m the one to follow And now what I’m telling you I know this is what you wanna do And you know this is true Now, you know what to do Let me out
Hit n Run 02:56
Burning down the road, my engine is screaming No one can stop me, walkers I’m coming Seeking and searching, driving at speed of light Waiting for another victim standing in my sight Nothing can describe how it makes me feel All those bodies crushing under my wheels I love to hear them squeal And now I’m seeing you walking down the street Your face and my bumper will really soon meet You start to run to escape from me But you’re not fast enough as you can see Hit ‘n’ run You’re not coming home And it’s understood Your body will roll Over my hood
Conquer 03:45
The world is mine, none can defy You can’t kill me, ‘cause I can’t die Born to conquer and live to reign Taking over, your lives my gain Conquer I am going over the top I am the one, no one can stop Ruling the earth, from sky to sea The whole world will bow before me Conquer King of the universe and all what have been You know that I will always win Conquer Eternal reign, I will live forever Future is mine, I will never loose Never Conquer
Never ever, trust your leaders Don’t give ‘em much time and power Helped by the media misinformation Brainwashing the population Leaders have enough knives to stab you One by one Take off your rights and destroy your life Play on your minds with fear and lies Use your judgment, try to be wise Stand for the future, what you believe in Together we’ll win, divided we’re fucking loosing Puppets cut off your strings Before, they use the one around your neck Corruption, they will bring Their own population to wreck
Unstoppable 04:51
Get out of our way fools or you’re gonna die We’re armed and dangerous and you better hide When we’ll be through you, you’ll be laying in cries And be sure that we’ll make you swallow your pride Unstoppable, with Warsenal on our side we cannot fail Unstoppable, conquering every land that we assail Unstoppable, with Warsenal on our side we cannot fail Unstoppable, with its lethal power we will prevail You must be insane to stand against us Don’t try to resist, it’s the worst thing you can do Even if you try to escape, I’m telling you, you can trust That wherever you’ll be, we’ll get you We are the future We are your future Speeding down the rails just like a freight train Nothing can stop us you’ll see Now, we’re stuck inside your brain We’re Warsenal and we’re here to set you free
Wars 04:23
We don’t need all these wars and your silly reasons Nothing can justify such a human treason Father putting son in his grave, things aren’t meant to be this way We have to stop there’s a world to save, but we can only hope and pray Wars Ruining lives and destroying dreams, Children will not see tomorrow Smell of death in the air, life expectancy: zero They will destroy our reason, provide useless suffering The “most superior” race will erase all of human beings Keep finding reasons to fight New morality value called death War doesn’t determine who is right Only who is left If we can’t end wars, we have to be the strongest Kill and kill again, turning this world into a mess Murdering civilians, we don’t a choice Blood and blood again, the nation rejoices May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t We’ll take no prisoners, I swear we won’t We’ll rewrite history, from sky to the abyss No one’s gonna stop us, vae victis Shoot that dove, burn that white flag Spreading our power, like a worldwide plague Growing vanity, I need a bigger territory Show how big I am and fuck the humanity
NightStalker 04:26
Night is freezing cold, look around you’re all alone There’s no one to save you, you’re far away from your home Watching your every moves, following your every steps Can you feel my presence? Can’t you hear my breath? Darkness consuming your soul, your blood is running cold Your time is running out, you’re scared without a doubt Don’t wonder if I’m behind, I’m always there Don’t try to run and hide, I’m everywhere Walking the streets in fear, you know I’m always near No one is safe when I’m around, striking without a sound Night isn’t more dangerous than day You’re just an easier prey
Get on your mark and prepare to run The minefield game has begun Win the right to live when you are done Don’t stress out, it’s just for fun Minefield and fun, ready and set Run for your life, toward your death One step away from your death The good old running Russian roulette Freedom to live is the deadly bet You better move or watch out for the bullet Minefield and fun Fireworks are what have become your friends At least one of their feet has reach the end Welcome to a game you can’t start again Right foot and wrong place, and then Click This is the end, you’ve stopped to run The minefield game is already done No right to live, your body is gone Oh, come on, smile, we did have fun


released September 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Warsenal Montreal, Québec

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